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GUMZAMET - Manufacturer of conveyor belt rollers


Dear Sir/ Madame

We have a great  pleasure to invite you to cooperation with our company. GUMZAMET A&B Kozera Ltd partnership,  is a modern and dynamic production and sales company located in Jędrzychowice/ Zgorzelec, Poland.
The beginning of our work goes back to the year 2004. Since then, our company’s main focus has been process of manufacturing conveyor belt equipment.

We constantly develop and broaden range of Our products in order to meet our Customers’ high expectations. Our highly professional staff and technique developed throughout years in the industry allow us to maintain high standards and Customers’ satisfactory.

We constantly follow changing market and pay attention to maintain major role on it. We care about our staff providing necessary training, as we realize that it is people that contribute to our success.
We are pleased to invite You to cooperation with Us!

GUMZAMET - Manufacturer of conveyor belt rollers.